Hotel Management

When an unexpected change in management takes place my specialty is to step in and carry out the day to day duties of General Manager as assigned by ownership or senior management.

Benefits of interim management include

  • Complete SWOT analysis for operations, group sales and marketing programs.
  • Payroll and expense review.
  • Evaluation of department heads strengths and weakness and coaching up areas of concern .
  • Upon request advise ownership and senior management of desired qualities of potential full time General Manager candidates .

  • Other specialties include project management, customer service troubleshooting, reservation-ADR-room revenue management,group sales management and internal and external marketing ROI.

    Tribal Casino Management

    Protect the assets of your tribe by contracting with me on an interim basis. Based on my credentials I can quickly be approved and processed by your tribe's compliance committee and immediately ensure compliance with tribal, state and federal controls.

    Benefits of interim management include

  • Complete SWOT analysis of operations.
  • Testing of all minimum internal controls.
  • SWOT analysis of players club. Segmentation ,reinvestment,and ROI. ***
  • SWOT analysis of WPU for slots and table games.***
  • Alternative marketing strategies . Repositioned business and marketing plans.***

  • *** may require additional specialists personnel at incremental cost.

    Director of Sales and Marketing

    As a Hilton Hotels trained groups sales administrator I have overseen large (10 plus) sales staffs in Chicago and Las Vegas for over 30 years.

    If your property relies upon convention, corporate and incentive travel group room blocks your sales management and sales personnel can make or break a quarter.

    Are you experiencing high turnover in sales people and sales management.?
    Why not plug me in for 30-45 days and preform a complete SWOT analysis of your sales operation. From lead sourcing to lost business analysis are your sales people's excuses valid or are they not trained to overcome objections and close the sale.
    Let me find out and offer my suggestions regarding product, pricing and promotion.

    Let me help you find your next Director of Sales and Marketing .

    Customer Service Undercover

    Mystery shopping can be a valuable tool for management and ownership to correct slight service deficiencies or overhaul an entire process. What my services mean to you is my ability to work both sides of the service equation.

    Pick a department that is consistently underperforming according to your internal and external customer service scores/complaints.
    Harness my 30 years experience of identifying and fixing chronic poor products or services. Restaurants, bars, reward clubs, checkin times,housekeeping standards are some of the more common areas that may need attention.

    Working closely with management I can pose as a customer for an unbiased evaluation of products and services. I can then assist management with the "fix" by working directly with the department head of the substandard department. A complete outside -in approach to problem solving..